Upgrading Solutions

Fouling Propensity

Solid deposition on the metal surfaces of processing equipment in the upgraders and refineries may cause flow restrictions thereby reducing throughput and unscheduled shutdowns. There are a number of factors that result in crude fouling including: asphaltenes instability, presence of impurities, corrosion products and the presence of olefins/di-olefins to name a few. Fouling tendency of given feedstocks are evaluated using HLPS (Hot Liquid Process Simulator) at conditions simulating refinery operations. Tests are conducted for:

  • Evaluating crudes from different sources including dilbit, synbit

  • Blending crudes being proceed in refineries experience fouling including Bakken or other paraffinic crudes + bitumen derived crudes

  • Diagnosing the cause of fouling and provide methods of mitigation

  • Correlating fouling with crude properties