Upgrading Solutions

Processing – Upgrading

To increase the value of heavy oils and bitumen, a significant reduction in molecular weight and viscosity is required. Any advancement in full upgrading technologies such as coking, hydrocracking, slurry upgrading or partial upgrading such as mild visbreaking require in depth knowledge of upgrading chemistry. Combining experience and understanding of the molecular makeup of bitumen/heavy oils, the focus will be on:

  • Selecting proper upgrading technology for a given feedstock Evaluating process – advantage of partial asphaltene removal (PFT)

  • Developing models capable of predicting the conversion limit of different feedstock under upgrading conditions

  • Maximizing product yields

  • Minimizing formation of unwanted products such as coke and gases

  • Correlating product yield with feedstock properties

  • Developing new, integrated upgrading strategies

  • Asphaltene chemistry and conversion